Chase • Always in our hearts

Please let me take a moment to share with you my Chase. Chase was my hero because he was so understanding and patient especially with me after Kelly’s passing. Chase came to sniff and pause by Kelly as if to say goodbye. Then he quietly walked over and laid down by the door of the viewing room and calmly looked out with his front legs crossed, as was his preferred position, and from time to time he would look back at me as if to say “take your time , I am here for you”. Today I had to say goodbye to Chase and I am torn between being glad that he is with his friends and is able to walk, run and play without pain, but my heart hurts because he not with me to hug, kiss and talk to me his deep tone.

Chase had an amazing way of knowing how to handle situations, he was always a step ahead of me. I would be surprised how he knew what to do without any words or motion from me. Then I would take note and stop to say out load “You knew didn’t you! You smart doggie you!”
Chase’s first night with us went smoothly and he couldn’t wait to investigate the new neighborhood. He made all kinds of friends dogs, cats, our mouse Winston, and of the humans! He couldn’t wait to visit his friends on our nightly walks and during the weekend he loved just hanging with them. In the mornings during the week it was important to find all the new smells and stop the people walking that he knew so they could pet him. There was a teenage boy up the street and the 1st time Chase saw him, he pulled me towards him so Chase could greet him. I told the boy I don’t what it is about you, but he just couldn’t wait to meet you. Whenever we saw the boy, Chase would walk as fast as he could to say “Hello friend!” Chase hasn’t seen him in “a while because a change in our schedule. But a week or so ago Chase got to see him again and for the last time. Chase was so happy and kept rubbing his face up against him. It put such a big smile on the boy’s face. Chase stopped me so he could watch the boy get on the bus. Chase did things I didn’t understand and it made him so extra special.

Chase has always been a gentleman, even when another dog would take a treat away that was meant for him. He never growled or snap, he just had the look of “well, can I have another try”? Even a gentleman on his first holiday with his new family. We had Thanksgiving with Patricia and Dieter. He was so sweet and calm, just laying next to us at the table. Never begged or bark, just looked on and taking in all the good smells and comfort of a good friends, good home and lots of love!
Whenever we met people with children or babies, Chase would slowly walk towards them and put his nose right near their hands for a gentle touch so not scare them. With older kids or if more than one he would turn to his side so they could give him a nice long stroke across his back.

His first beach experience with me, was in Cambria and he was so unbelievably happy, he never wanted to go home. He chased squirrels everyday and night, found amazing new smells, met new people and doggies. When we went to the beach, he didn’t care to get wet but allowed me to show him how it felt. He was ok standing and watching the waves. Then a little farther up the beach there were 2 dogs jumping in and out of the waves and he couldn’t believe it. He just stared for a bit, then Chase starting barking in way I’d not heard before, as if to say “Hey do you know how cold it is in there?”, “Are you nuts, you’ll get wet!” It was the best vacation ever!

As we bonded, almost 4yrs, would have been 4yrs on 11/23/2013, I given him lots of nicknames such as Chaserman, Pumpkin doggy, Superman Chase, Lova-bug, Buttercup, Bubala (sweetheart in Yiddish), and Doodle-bug. He is my Pumkin doggie because he came to us at Thanksgiving! At Thanksgiving we always had a cornucopia on our table that contained a pumpkin which always represents for me people coming together to share and be thankful. Chase always shared, was very thankful for his 2nd chance at a good life and I am ever so thankful for him.
I wish he hadn’t been taken so soon, but I am so very bless to that he share his life with me. My heart aches deeply and there is an emptiness that I can not describe, but then those wonderful memories coming flowing in and the tears stop and my heart warms up again. Comet is a blessing and has been at my side the entire time. He slept by Chase while he was ill and didn’t leave his side. I could tell Chase was grateful. Comet always greeted Chase with such excitement when we returned from our walk as if he’d been gone for hours. I could tell Chase would look at him with “hey buddy not so hard”. Comet understood and then would gently rub up against him. I know people don’t believe dogs can be wise, but Chase was definitely a wise dog and I wish he had more time to spend with Comet so Chase could teach him what he knew. I LOVE CHASE TO PIECES!
I attached a few of pictures which I hope you will enjoy. Chase at Christmas 2012, at the beach in Cambria, our 1st Thanksgiving with Chase 2009, Chase with his legs crossed, Chase at Halloween in his polka-dot Halloween hat, Chase on the porch, a kiss for the camera and then talking when I trying to take a picture. Comet and Chase sharing a bed , and Kelly and Chase at Christmas 2010. I wish for the Rainbow Bridge poem to be true, because I want to be with my boyz when I leave this life.
Thank you for sharing, caring and being apart of Chase’s life! Sherra