Meet Cheddar Bay Biscuit!

A dog like Cheddar Bay Biscuit (affectionately called Cheddar Bear by his foster Mom) doesn’t come around that often. A Golden & Catahoula Leopard dog Mix, he has quite the learned vocabulary & responds immediately. His past owner trains dogs for special needs & Cheddar learned a lot & listens well. He’s obedient & eager to please his human. He knows: Sit, Down, Stay, Shake, Come, Rollover, Hug, Excuse me (when you want him to move) Spin, Kennel, Kisses, UP, Fetch, Drop it, Bring here, & OK (release from Stay) & runs between your legs. Unfortunately, his previous owners went separate ways & neither could take him along. He showed his sadness for the first couple of days, but after a tasty beef marrow bone, lots of hugs & cuddles & plenty of FETCH, he relaxed & responded well.

Cheddar is very intelligent; he is pretty independent & doesn’t seek the company of other dogs, preferring the company of his humans. When another dog approaches, he turns and walks away unless he has his ball, then he has been known to resource guard his prized possession: the BALL. He LOVES & LIVES to play fetch. He’s been getting 20 minutes of ball play 2 times every day, and will patiently stare at you waiting for the magic words to go play fetch. Although he does not initiate anything, he is not doing well with the foster’s cat & growls if it approaches so he will do best as the only pet in the home.
Cheddar is fully housebroken & will sit by the door to let you know he needs to go out. He will bark once, if not noticed. He has perfect house manners and is left free run of the house during the time no one has been home. Foster Mom has come home many times to find him lying comfortably in his open kennel fort (blanket over kennel) as he feels safe there. He doesn’t chew, dig, or counter surf nor is he a barker, even when the mailman comes. He navigates stairs with ease, gets in & out of the car easily, but he is nervous during car rides & tolerates them by settling on the floor boards, sometimes under a blanket or towel & is overjoyed if your destination is the beach. He loves the Beach & Water. There too, he is more interested in being with you & chasing his ball. If another dog approaches, he gets defensive, especially if holding his ball, but only growls & lets them know he is not interested in an introduction. The foster Mom took him to an off-leash area to test him, even ball free he snarled, barked & scared the other dog away. So she decided he’s not going to be a “pack” kind of dog.
Cheddar came in extremely overweight, 104 lbs. to be exact, but his foster Mom has been great with portion controlled feedings & ball throwing exercise & he has slimmed down nicely to 96 lbs. but still needs to lose more. He LOVES playing fetch so a nice yard for him to do so would be ideal! And a ball launcher would be a great help for distance tosses. Cheddar is very shy and will walk nicely on the leash, (even stays by your side off leash but we suggest staying on leash at all times if other dogs are nearby) but he does not like going on walks as he frightens easily, even trash cans & telephone poles scare him if he doesn’t notice them until he’s close. Short excursions & gentle encouragement may increase his interest in the outside world.
Cheddar is High Energy during ball throwing sessions, but has a mellow indoor personality & prefers quiet time @ home with humans & will lie contently at your feet. He is slightly Velcro but does not have any destructive behaviours or separation anxiety when left alone. He does choose to be indoors and sleeps on a dog bed but if he had his way, on a human’s bed is where he hopes to be. He enjoys toys with squeakers, puzzle game toys that reward him with treats & BALLS.
Cheddar is Brilliant, Sweet, Loving, Loyal, Obedient & Mellow and wants to be the only pet (fish ok 🙂 ) in your home. He is the perfect dog for a quiet home where someone will be home a lot with him & a home that doesn’t create a lot of commotion or noise. Sudden & loud noises scare him, such as being @ the groomers or busy stores. Young children stress him out considerably, so sorry, no young children please, but he’s OK with older mellow teens. 
Here’s a note from Cheddar’s Foster Mom:
 “He is Wonderful! He’s smart, very in tune with his owner, silly & well behaved. During family dinners, he lays close, preferring to be with family, but does not interfere or beg for food. Such a gentleman & Love Bug & he would be a lap dog if allowed. A perfect blend of the sweet, loyal Golden Retriever & the smart, obedient, hardworking Catahoula. And he doesn’t stink or seem to shed hair! He will be an amazing Life Addition to your family.” PS. His pictures do not do him justice; he’s a very handsome boy.
If you are ready for an amazing devoted fur family member and have completed both your on line Application & In-Home Interview with a SCGRR Volunteer, please write to GoldenPaws43@ & let us know why you feel Cheddar would be a great fit for you. 
At 3 years old, Cheddar’s minimum adoption fee is $500.00
Cheddar’s ID#4972