Meet Chip & CherBear!

Update from foster Mom: I am happy to report that after two weeks of settling in, these two have blossomed. No longer are they shy of new folks, greeting all strangers with lots of wags and kisses. They are always eager for a cuddle and a scratch. We continue to work on their leash manners. They enjoy meeting other dogs and are open to play. They are gentle and tender with all the kiddos they meet. They are such lovely, easy-going love muffins.

Click here to see a video of Chip & Cher Bear playing

Chip and CherBear are 6-year-old littermates who came to our rescue due to some unfortunate family circumstances. Their mama is a golden retriever, and dad was most likely a lab. They are sweet and tender souls with lots of love to give. While they may have been outside dogs in the past, they are most definitely house dogs now!

They spend their days laying in their favorite room: a nice sunny office with a French door out to the yard. They do enjoy trotting around the yard, poking in bushes, and searching for squirrels. They don’t enjoy toys or balls but are getting more playful as they get more comfortable. They aren’t destructive save for chewing holes in their blanket and bed and pulling the stuffing out. They are terrible beggars and are no fun to have in the kitchen while cooking, but they are happy to wait behind a baby gate. Chip and CherBear are friendly upon meeting, but shy. CherBear is particularly shy with strangers and doesn’t like her head touched until she is comfortable with the person. They both love to be with their humans and LOVE booty scratches. They are both fond of children. They are very affectionate on their own terms and are not a fan of big hugs. They are both fearful of vacuums, leashes, and water, although CherBear is more fearful than Chip. Once they are in a car, they are relatively calm, but certainly don’t enjoy it. They are both house trained. They currently don’t have free run of the house and are happy to stay in the office, kitchen, and yard. They sleep soundly on the couch in the office on their own.

As they’ve not had any training, they would greatly benefit from a calm, patient family who is home more often than not, and who is committed to a training program to teach them basic commands and leash manners. Now that they are more comfortable, foster mom has begun working with them to get them acclimated to the leash so that they can ultimately enjoy walks.

If you have had a home visit with one of our volunteers and have room in your heart for these two sweet puppersons, please email their rep, Sharon, at

At 6 years old, the minimum adoption donation for each of them is $500 for a total of $1000.

Chip’s ID# 5137 & CherBear ID# 5135