Meet Church! Adopted

This handsome boy is Church, or as we call him, Rascal.  Church was rescued off the streets by an organization in Tijuana MX.  We didn’t know what to expect with him due to his background, but once he got into his foster home, he was a pure lover and just wants to please.  He’ll run up to greet you when you come home with a huge smile and that tail pounding. He looks at his foster mom & dad like they are the greatest thing ever!  He will nudge you with his face to make sure you don’t stop paying attention to him, lay on his back and just absorb all the love and belly rubs he can get. He is so grateful for a nice home, food, treats, and of course, air conditioning. 

When he was brought into the rescue in MX, they discovered he had a skin disease which made him lose part of his hair.  Fortunately, that was treated prior to entering the U.S. and we are hoping that his golden locks grow back with time.  Even though it’s terrible to think of what this sweet dog had to go through during those times with no safe place to call his own, at some point he must have been in a home as he was neutered and has good house manners.   

Church knows basic commands and is continually learning new things in his foster home.  He is completely house-trained but did mark a couple of times upon entry to his new foster home.  We stopped that as of day 2 and he hasn’t done it since.  He has great house manners and doesn’t get into anything that’s not his, nor does he counter-surf or show any signs of separation anxiety.  He was crated the first couple of times he was left alone and has no issues with being in the crate, but his fosters determined that he could be trusted and now gets the run of the house when left alone.  He has not shown any signs of resource guarding with his fosters and they are able to remove food, treats, etc with no issues.

Church likes to lay around and sleep when indoors but loves, LOVES to play ball and will run around outside until you decide it’s time to stop.  Even though we estimate that he’s about 7 yrs, his boundless energy when playing ball makes him seem even younger.  He rides well in the car and is always ready to go!  He is tall so jumping into an SUV is no problem for him. 

Church enjoys hanging around other dogs that are submissive or of medium energy and can even share balls.  However, he is dog selective and does not care for high energy dogs or those that come running up on him without a proper greeting. 

He enjoys putting his feet into the pool but really hasn’t shown a desire to get into the pool and swim. He would probably enjoy a baby pool or some sort of shallow water to play around in.  He has pretty good leash manners, but we have discovered that he requires a harness rather than a typical collar.  The sensitivity around his neck may be from previous injury to his trachea or a past bout of kennel cough. 

We are looking for a home where Church will be the only dog, the king of his castle and no other pets.   He loves his humans but due to his size, would do well with kids older than 5 or 6. A yard or somewhere to play ball is a must!  He can play ball for 10 minutes or 30 minutes; he’ll take whatever you give him.  He’s gentle and quiet while in the house and while he loves attention, he will go off to another space and nap or chew on a bully stick. 

Since Church loves his humans so much, it would be better if he wasn’t home alone all day.   If you think you can give Church a second chance and the wonderful home he is craving, please contact Church’s rep at and tell her how this handsome guy will fit into your lifestyle.  Please make sure you have your application and in-home interview completed. 

At 7 years old, the minimum adoption donation for Church is $350

Church’s ID # 5165