Meet Citron!

Citron is a calm, bright, sweet puppy looking for his forever home. Citron’s mom, Valencia, is a yellow lab/golden mix who came to us as a pregnant stray from Mexico. We can only guess at the breed of the father, but we know he was big and from the looks of Citron’s head he may have some “Gentle Giant” in him. Valencia hit the lottery when she was placed in the home of a former zookeeper. His foster enabled her to give birth to ten healthy puppies and helped her provide them with the best care possible.

At six weeks old, Citron and his siblings were weaned and sent off to foster homes where they’ve enjoyed a summer being loved and getting basic training while waiting to get big enough to be spayed/neutered so they could find their forever homes. Citron will be spayed on Thursday, September 12. Assuming all goes well, he’ll be ready for adoption after that.

With his birth mom, Valencia lived with his 9 siblings, another large dog and two young children. Citron is described by his foster Mom as “extremely affectionate, gentle and very playful.” Those words describe him well.

Citron is a people person, he loves to be with his family and will hang around you and try to get you to give him belly rubs and throw the ball. He is a big teddy bear, but new things will scare him and he’ll come flying in and runs to his human, then looks back to see if it’s chasing him. He is getting braver, but it’s a work in progress. He plays all day with his 3 fur puppy siblings but will come in the house and lay down to sleep right away. He is currently sleeping at night in a crate with his brother.

Citron needs leash training and basic comments training, but he does know “sit”. He is almost potty trained, and getting better at it. He loves balls, plastic bottles, and toys in general. He eat very well and doesn’t beg. He is too little to test the counter surfing or the sniffing. He is also working on taking food from your hand nicely. As all pups, everything is a work in progress, but he is smart and will learn quickly.

Citron is looking for a home with other fur sibblings since has come from a big family and he has 4 fur siblings at his foster now. He loves all people, big or small and would do well with an active family. He would also do well in a home where he has human company most of the day because he is too little to be crated for 8+ hours. He is young enought so that a cat could be introduced to him fairly easily.

If you believe you could give Citron the perfect home, please email his rep at and tell her why you feel you would be the perfect family to help Citron work off his boundless puppy energy, provide love, spoil him, and train him to be the best dog he can be.

Prior to contacting her, please ensure you have completed BOTH your online application AND had your home interview with one of our volunteers. Otherwise, we will be unable to consider you and your family.

At 3 months of age, Citron’s adoption fee is $600. 

Citron’s ID # 5115