Cody *Always in our hearts

May 2017

June 7, 2014 was a great day for us….Bosco became part of our family and we renamed him Cody. Cody was a big, beautiful boy and brought so much love and affection to Mary Lou and I…we miss him so much already.

Cody was a little reactive to other dogs initially, but, after many trips to the dog park, Cody learned to be a good citizen and had a lot of fun running with the crowd! He was much loved by our grandkids and Cody really enjoyed the attention from them as well!

Sadly, Cody recently was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and he quietly passed in his sleep Sunday afternoon, April 23, 2017….his enlarged heart just stopped ticking.  We will have a very hard time filling the holes in our hearts, but we know there is another angel golden out there waiting for us down the road a bit. Thank you SCGGR & Flori Camhi for allowing us to be part of Cody’s life for three wonderful years!

Cody Adoption Day #2 June 2014