Update August 5, 2019:

Cork visited  cardiologist last week for a consultation and evaluation of his lab work, x-rays and echo–cardiogram.  Apparently his heart structure looks good but beats slower than a normal rate, by almost half.  Recommendation to further diagnose and possibly treat his condition with medication is that Cork wear a cardiac monitor halter over a 24 hour span to get a better understanding of his heart function. 

Active and charming as ever, Cork is doing great and never acts like anything is abnormal.  Ah, the true heart of a golden!

Cork’s Journey

Cork is a handsome, charming shelter pup. During his initial exam, a heart defect was noted so further tests were run.  An EKG, labs and chest x-ray, were completed and next is an evaluation with the cardiologist.

This hasn’t kept him down though; during his stay in foster care he scaled a six foot fence!  He still needs to be neutered and we need to make sure it is safe to do so.