Meet Cotton & Moonshine! Adopted

Introducing Cotton and Moonshine – two adorable, female 16 week old purebred cream golden retrievers. Both of these pups were relinquished to rescue due a combination of conditions going on with their eyes. Lagopthalmos (the inability to close the eyelids completely) and Orbicularis Oculi paresis (the muscle that controls the eyelid is weakened) as well as Iris PPM ( Persistent pupillary membrane) which represents a common congenital ocular anomaly that appears as fine iris strands along the pupil. All of these have contributed to cause Xeropthalmos, which is excessive dryness of the eye. There is no surgery to be done however, and the only treatment are drops and gels applied to their eyes daily. We do not know what caused it, whether it was congenital or caused by an infection while in utero, but both dogs vision appear to be unaffected by it at this point, and may never be, but we have no further medical information other than what we have stated here, and they are perfectly healthy puppies other than that.

Cotton is a bit more outgoing, Moonshine a bit more reserved.  But, they both are quick to feel right at home.  They LOVE to play – both with each other and their foster dog sister.  They are also thoroughly enjoying the four young kids in their foster home as well.  The puppies will happily cuddle up on the children’s laps and have excellent, calm demeanors.  Doing great with their crate training and are the BEST sleepers their foster mom has met yet!

In two week’s time, Cotton has mastered the dog door and Moonshine isn’t too far behind.  They both sit on command and know that’s the best way to get a yummy reward.  They also know “go to your room” and will happily go into the crate (“their room”) for bed at night.  We’re still working on “come”, “stay”, and “leave it”, but there’s no doubt these intelligent puppies will master them all!  Working on potty training – haven’t had any accidents in the crate at night and are improving every day!

Cotton is a bundle of energetic fun… she will see a toy on the opposite side of the yard and sprint the whole way to get it!  She loves to instigate play with Moonshine and will tug on her ear to get her attention and then they will both happily play with one another.  After a spirited play session, she’ll curl up with her three year old foster fur sister and take a nap on the deck.*

Moonshine loves chasing the soccer ball around the yard with the kids.  She’ll gladly run across the yard after the ball or for any treat or food she knows you have!  She’s extremely content lying in the shade, playing with a tennis ball after a high-energy romp with her sister.

The high puppy energy Cotton and Moonshine both exude is truly a joy to watch. While they do not need to stay together, they will each do best with an active family who and can give them the exercise and training they want and need. Other things they need: another older canine who will be willing to mentor them, teaching them what is frowned upon and what is not. They are young, and they need a human around much, if not all of the time-being crated 8+ hours a day just will not cut it. They are typical puppies- they like to play keep away from each other with any toy or leaf they can find.  They enjoying rough housing and wrestling, and already are adept at the bitey face game. They enjoy finding the reflection on a watch and chasing the light around the yard.  It’s the simple pleasures that keep these two puppies entertained., and each puppy is now ready to find their own forever families.

Please, prior to applying to adopt these puppies, you must ensure that the application process is complete, which includes both your on line adoption application as well as your in home interview. If you have not, we cannot consider you as a potential adopter, but if so, please contact their rep at

At 17 weeks of age, and purebred english cream golden retrievers, the minimum adoption donation for each puppy is $800.

Cotton & Moonshine’s ID Tag # 5244 & 5245