Daisy Duke *Always in our hearts

August 2017

Daisy came into rescue as an owner turn in after a divorce.  She was almost unable to walk due to arthritis and severe obesity. She also had an untreated thyroid deficiency, a bladder infection, giardia and a large growth on her leg. Too unstable to do anything about the leg growth she went into a foster home. Things began looking good for her. She went on a diet (and thyroid medicine) and started looking much better. With her arthritis being treated she started being able to walk- even a slow trot.  She loved to go places, and would get excited to see the leash come out.  Friendly to all, she loved being petted and was a star everywhere she went.  Her foster family adored her and she was on her way to becoming a “foster failure”. She was a few days from being reevaluated for her thyroid to see if she was in good enough shape for surgery (to have the mass on her leg removed) when she suddenly passed away.  One more Good Dog crossed the rainbow bridge.