Dakota was out of his cast in two weeks, and rehab is going very well! Initially he was allowed just out for short potty breaks. 

His latest x-ray one month post surgery shows everything is healing fine and now he has been given the green light for shorter leash walks ~ whatever he can bear. Soon he will be out an about, slowly being introduced to life here in the U.S.

Dakota’s next x-rays will be 2 months post-op not only to check on the healing but…get this, when taking his last x-ray, it was hard to get this wiggle-butt to hold still. The vet decided to pan out to get a better shot and low and behold, we discovered that this pup has a sewing needle inside his thorax! Best guess is that he picked it up eating some trash in the streets of Mexico. We are monitoring him closely (there have never been signs of any discomfort or medical issues that would come with a perforation). Who know how long it has been there. We will have more information with his next x-ray.

Stay Tuned!

October 9, 2018:

Dakota comes to us from south of the border.  Emaciated and covered in fleas and ticks, Dakota suffered from blunt trauma which resulted in a break to his front leg. He was discovered with a homeless woman who had carting him around in a stroller for who knows how long.  

With the help of international rescue friends, we were able to get Dakota transport and the medical help he needed quickly. Dakota sailed through surgery on 10/16, and is on crate rest with only potty breaks for one month. After that, another month of limited activity.

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Dakota will be looking for a new home for the holidays!