Meet Dancer! Adopted

This sweet gal is known as Dancer within our rescue, however her real name is Skye.  You may remember her as she was from a litter of Great Pyrenees mix  pups the rescue helped to place back in late 2018.  Apparently Dancer was not getting along with the resident dog at her previous home so she was recently returned to the rescue. 

She was a bit nervous the first couple of days with her new fosters, with everything being new, but has settled in and now makes herself quite at home.  Dancer has shown to be independent as she doesn’t need to be around her humans all the time.  She loves to go outside by herself and hang out.  She’s found a favorite spot in the backyard and she’ll take her bully stick (one of her favs) out there to chew on.  And when inside if she wants some quiet time you can find her on the landing of the stairs or on her fosters bed taking a nap.

Dancer is a very sweet gal with medium energy inside the house, but loves to run and chase once outside.  She’s a great houseguest, completely potty trained and has not shown any interest in counter-surfing, chewing on items other than hers, or any other naughty habits.  She does not resource or food guard, you can take treats or chews from her with zero reaction.  Dancer loves to play and jump around if her humans give her the “let’s play” pose.  She is also a snuggler and loves nothing more than good belly rub.  Dancer is able to be alone for a couple hours at a time, but upon your return she is so excited that she tends to let go of a little pee.  We are working with her on this but it might take some more time to correct.  Right now, her foster family just lets her outside immediately upon return and tries to not make a big deal of coming or going. 

Dancer rides well in the car and has been able to go to a park where other dogs hang out.  She loves to be chased, play chase and seems to get along with the dogs that are playful and confident.  Dancer can be a little too rough at times though.  In her previous home the resident dog was pretty submissive and Dancer would take the rough play too far, not understanding that her advances were not welcome, thus making an extremely stressful environment for the resident dog and their humans. 

Dancer is wonderfully responsive to “come”.  She also knows “sit, stay, down” and we are working on “shake”.  She walks okay on a leash but wants to smell everything.  Dancer is always looking for bunnies to chase but fortunately they are so much quicker than her. She can pull pretty hard -even in her harness – and can get overly excited and start jumping, pulling, barking so a training class or positive reinforcement training would be great for her.  She is not a fan or water or getting her paws wiped with a wet towel, but she’s catching on that it’s a necessity when she wants to come inside.  She can display anxiousness at times like when she hears an unfamiliar noise and will cower or hide.  She’ll bark at visitors until she warms up, but we’ve found that if the visitor just comes in and ignores her, she’ll do nothing.  Dancer will look to her foster mom and dad to make sure she’s safe with unfamiliar events or people. 

We believe that Dancer would do well a quieter home without another dog but with outside access to confident dogs that she can play or hang out with.  She loves to run and would make a good running or hiking buddy.  She had teenagers in her previous home so teens and up would be okay.  No experience with cats so I would say “no” just to be safe.   A dog savvy owner for Dancer is definitely preferred, or a family that’s committed to provide her with the training she needs to help make her a more confident, and therefore, happy dog.  At only 18 months, she’s still a puppy will lots to learn and love to give. 

If you think you can give Dancer a great home, have submitted your application and already completed your in-home interview, please contact Dancer’s rep at and tell her how this sweet gal will fit into your lifestyle.

At 18 months old, the minimum adoption donation for Dancer is $600

Dancer’s # 2407