Dano *Always in our hearts

June 2017

To the SCGRR family,
We’re very sad because today our precious Dano is no longer with us.  He had cancer of the spleen that had spread throughout his body, weakening him.  Since yesterday, he was unable to move and had rejected food and water, telling us it was his time.  He died very peacefully today, with the aid of a compassionate veterinarian, his head snuggled into my arm like always. 
Dano was a SCGRR boy who in 2011 was found in a Taiwanese dump with a badly broken leg.  A caring veterinarian saved his leg, and his life, and Dano made the trip to America where he found his way to us in Newport Beach and to his forever home.  Dano was a loving dog who liked being at our side, relocating to whatever room in the house “his humans” were inhabiting.  Living with us, Dano soon replaced his earlier obsession with tennis balls with his intense concentration on people, reserving his best affections for small grandchildren, who loved him back in full measure. 
Our hearts are hurting right now with the thought that we can no longer stroke his silky head resting on a lap or smile over the swishing of that magnificent sweep of tail, part of a glorious coat that he developed with good nutrition and care over the past six years.  When he arrived, Dano was said to be five years old, although we always suspected he was actually a bit more senior.  Whatever his age, he lived fully and well and brought untold joy to our family, to our friends and to any newcomer he so cheerfully greeted . Dano loved everyone and everyone loved Dano.  As painful as it is today to have said “goodbye” to our beloved Golden Boy, we are so glad he came into our lives and are grateful for all the days that we had with him. 
With gratitude,
Roberta  and David