Meet Diego ~ permanent foster needed for this pup !

Sweet Diego is a Wonder-pup. Well a miracle pup may be more like it as it is a miracle he is walking and running.

Diego hitched a ride from Mexico back in March. We had no idea this little miniature golden had experienced such a traumatic event. Recently, Diego suffered an injury that would have paralyzed most dogs. Our veterinarians and specialists have confirmed that his spine had been severed at the L7 vertebrae and had been left to heal on its own, crushing or severing nerves in his spinal column. According to specialists, this is the type of injury you would see when a dog is run over by a car.  In looking at his x-rays you would not believe a dog with this injury could walk let alone run.

This is what makes Diego a special case. The severing of his spine also irreparably damaged the nerves, specifically the ones that regulate elimination.  Diego is incontinent, both urinary and bowels. The upside is, this is a little guy so the mess is not that big.

We have consulted with neurologists and an orthopedic surgeon and ALL agree ANY surgical intervention to try to remediate his condition would most likely make thing worse, and not worth the risk.

Diego is one happy go lucky pup who has no idea that there is anything different about him.  Sure, he has some mobility issues but he LOVES his walks, and gets in a few each day. 

Diego loves people, is great with other dogs…playful even, and enjoys being around the family.  He is so lucky to be here in the states!

So here we have the cutest, sweetest, 3 year old pup that needs a forever home with a condition that would prevent most families from adopting him. We do not want Diego to be a 100% outside dog.  He needs to be integrated into a family.

We are currently using large pee pads in his crate at night. That has been helpful as Diego ‘leaks’ continually. His bladder does not completely fill and he does not have the muscle tone, more the nerve connection to make himself go…although he still loves to life his leg on a bush to say “Hello!”

His sphincter muscles have also atrophied. When his tummy and brain says, “Time to go pal!” He squats and thinks he is going…but nothing. Then he may bark or sneeze and oops…Surprise! Again, good thing he is a little dog.

We are looking into a higher quality diet for him. We are sure this will help some on the mess side.

Diego does need a bit of a freshen-up each morning ~ a little sponge bath to start each day.  We are currently experimenting with diapers so he can be indoors with the family but this needs to be monitored carefully because dogs that wear diapers long term can be very susceptible to urinary tract infections. Our vet recommended it is best to keep him at his current body weight, a whopping 20 lbs; no jumping off sofa’s beds, out of cars, etc.  We need to keep his spine protected.

Acupuncture and laser therapy have not been ruled out to see if this can help in any way. Right now we are still working through a few medical things. His white blood cell count and liver enzymes are elevated. We will retest at the beginning of May and that will give us our next steps. He still needs to be neutered. All of this can be managed with any of our wonderful rescue vets throughout southern California so there is no reason for him to remain in his temporary foster home any longer. 

What Diego needs right now is a permanent home. While we would love if someone were to step up and adopt him, at this time we are considering him a permanent foster.  A permanent foster home gives Diego’s family the security that SCGRR will pay all medical expenses, supplies, and if dietary restrictions become expensive, we will make sure he receives that as well.  We are looking for that special family that will look beyond his limitations and integrate him into their pack

If you are interested in learning more about Diego and how you can help; wish to become his forever family or learn more about our permanent foster program; wish to donate to Diego’s ongoing care and expenses, please contact

Thank you so much for opening your heart to sweet Diego.

If you are interested in providing a loving home for this sweet pup but have not yet completed a foster application, click here to begin the process. Please make sure you indicate you are interested in Diego!