Duke *Always in our hearts

October 2016

To SCGRR and our volunteer, Cheryl Biernacki :

My husband, Louis, and I are so very sad to report that our beautiful boy, Duke, was taken by liver cancer on October 27, 2016.
The cancer spread so quickly even though our wonderful vet, Dr. Mark Anderson from Bernardo Heights Veterinarian Hospital did everything possible to keep him comfortable. He was sick for 2 months.
The  picture is the day after he was adopted where Duke is laying on his favorite bed with his first new toy from dad.
We all had a wonderful life together. Duke quickly settled in with my husband and I and the 3 of us were so, so close. We loved him so much.
We are heartbroken and will contact you someday when we are ready for another beautiful boy.
Melanie and Louis Rossi