UPDATE January 4, 2020:

It is with great sadness that we must report that Dulce has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.   Last night, Dulce’s breathing became labored.  Upon examination, the decision was made to put her in an oxygen rich environment to alleviate her distress.  There she went rigid and collapsed. CPR attempts did not revive her. The best we can guess is an embolism resulting from the surgical repair of her traumatic injuries. No one really has an answer, and everyone is devastated.  AMC gave her the best possible care.

Thank you so much for your support of Dulce, our other rescue pups, and our mission. We do the best we can, but unfortunately in rare cases like this, there is nothing that can be done.


Dulce’s Journey: 

Dulce is a three year old Golden Retriever who was hit by a car. Found by a Good Samaritan and delivered to the animal shelter, her owners were contacted but were unable to cover the cost of her impending vet bills. That is when the shelter got busy looking for a rescue exit.

Click here to see the video of her short time at the Ventura County Animal Shelter and her exit to SCGRRescue. 

Good news/bad news…The good news is that there were no breaks or fractures. Aside from being pretty scraped up, her major injuries are a left hip and right elbow dislocation. The bad news is that there was too much swelling to perform a closed reduction, where the joint is just popped back into place. Dulce has undergone one surgery for her elbow and is currently on the schedule for her second, for her hip, today.  Her elbow has been immobilized to prevent another dislocation. We will know soon what the hip surgery brings as far as after care.  The injuries being on opposite sides of her torso creates another dimension to her recovery.

We are so thankful for Dr. Schulman and his team at AMC. He was the one who put Jetson back together for us. Stay tuned for more updates.

December 28, 2019:  Dulce’s second surgery to repair damage to her hip on 12/26 was successful.  She will be on strict mobility restrictions so she does not injure either site. Currently boarded at the vet,  she is receiving the proper follow up care. Currently on pain medications the vet staff rotate her on a schedule to manage swelling,

She has been visited by SCGRR volunteers, who bring treats like cooked chicken. She loves the visits and human touch. We will keep the visits coming periodically while we wait for her follow-up orthopedic review on January 6th.