Meet Easton!

Hi, my name is Easton. Here’s my story….
I am originally from Turkey – born and raised there until earlier this year when I ended up out on the streets trying to fend for myself. Some rescuers there saved me and I got to fly to the US – to Florida actually! I was adopted by a nice family, but they soon found out that I am terrified of thunderstorms. There are so many of them there that I was anxious all the time. They felt sorry for me so they relinquished me back to the Florida rescue. That’s when they called Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue because they know Southern CA has a lot less thunderstorms!
I have been in CA for about a month now, with a very nice foster mom. I’ve been waiting to hear thunder, but haven’t heard any at all! I am much less anxious here and am doing well. I love to go for my daily walks, which are usually a few miles long – walking is an important part of my daily care as I do have some arthritis in my lower back. I also love to chase my foster mom around the house and play hide and seek.
I have pretty good house manners. I am house trained, I know ‘sit’ and ‘down’, and I don’t counter surf. I sleep on my own bed or the floor, and I don’t get up on the furniture. One time I did get bored when I was alone for a while, and I got into the cabinet where my food is and ate a little. But for the most part, I try to be good!
I should mention that because I had to live on the streets of Turkey for a while, I had to learn how to take care of myself. And that resulted in what people are calling ‘leash reactivity’ – I get a little scared if dogs come too close when we’re walking so my foster mom and a trainer have been teaching me how to try to ignore them instead of barking and lunging. They said I’m fast learner! My new family will need to continue this training so I can keep learning better leash manners. I am very strong on the leash, so I will need someone who is also strong.
One of the other things I had to worry about on the streets of Turkey, was getting enough food. You become protective of what you find to eat and that’s a habit I’m having to learn I don’t need to continue! My foster mom and trainer are showing me, through positive reinforcement training, that not only do I get to keep my food and toys, but if I share, I get even more!! I would be excited to find a forever home who wants to help me keep practicing this sharing!
I know that I will need some patience and understanding from whoever is picked to be my new family, but if you are willing to help me, you will get all my love and affection every day! In fact, I love to nudge your hand with my nose when you are working or watching TV so you know how much I love you and want your attention.
Easton is a very special dog. He has been through a lot in his 5 years, but continues to be a happy, loving, tail wagging Golden who will be a great companion for the right home. The right house for Easton is to have no other dogs or any other animals and no kids. Easton deserves to have a life with lots of attention and love. 
If you have some training experience with the things mentioned above, and are willing to continue with a positive reinforcement trainer with Easton, please email Lori at for more information. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL IF YOU HAVE NOT HAD YOUR IN HOME INTERVIEW AS I WON’T HAVE THE INFORMATION NEEDED TO CONSIDER YOU.  

Easton’s ID # is 5482 and his minimum donation amount is $500