Finnegan *Deeply loved

October 15, 2018:

It’s been two weeks today . . . . . So hard to put into words. Our precious Finnegan crossed the rainbow bridge at home in the loving arms of his family who loved him deeply.   Finnegan was a SCGRR rescue who came into our lives three years ago as a severely neglected senior.  He won our hearts immediately with his kind, loving nature and bonded with all of us (including our two other dogs).   As Finn was deaf, we all learned how to communicate, teaching hand signals, and watching how he would follow the cues of the other dogs to quickly pick up on the patterns of our household.  He would play tug of war and wrestle with Sunny every morning and loved his walks and outings.  Finn also enjoyed working the crowds while he representing SCGRR at various events.  He thoroughly enjoyed his last outing at the SCGRR Dawg Waterpark event two weeks before his passing. 

Finnegan went through many surgeries and countless vet visits.  His routine for all the time he was with us was regular, frequent baths; twice daily ear cleaning and medication; RX only food; RX only treats: and various medications.  Never protesting all he had to go through.   Always bouncing back from his surgeries and pneumonia, we thought we wouldn’t see that the dreaded cancer would be what would take him from us.   After his splenectomy in August, there was very little time left as it had spread rapidly.

Finnegan brought only joy to us and from the day we met him he had our hearts in his gentle paws.  Our hearts are now breaking, but thankful that we were his family for the best years of his life. 

Thank you SCGRR for placing him in the Permanent Foster program and all of the support given to our beloved boy. 

Miss you our Beloved Finnegan!

The Neufeld Family

Nancy, Doug, Ryan, Sunny and Cleo