Update July 29, 2019:  Flynn went for a follow up with the surgeon and he will be on antibiotics for three more weeks. X-rays indicate improvement but there is still clouding in his lung.  

If all looks good then we will schedule surgery for the removal of the mass. This handsome boy gained 6 lbs in two weeks and definitely feeling better!

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Flynn’s Journey:

Sweet Flynn came in from a shelter with a baseball sized lump on his rump. By the second day in foster care he was coughing so he was taken to the vet where he was treated for kennel cough and had the mass looked at and aspirated.  

Results revealed that the mass is cancer but we needed to wait for his cough to clear and for the poor boy to gain some weight before we can consider removing it. The surgeon is hopeful we can get it all.

His cough did not abate through his course of treatment.  We feared he may have aspirated a foxtail, as he came in with dozens on him. X-rays revealed pneumonia.  Aggressive antibiotic treatment has him on the mend quickly and by his follow up one week later, his condition had significantly improved.  He is starting to gain weight…five pounds already! This boy is feeling much better.

Flynn goes back in one week for another follow up visit.  If he is continuing to improve, we will proceed with surgery for his lump, neuter, and to extract a chipped tooth.


Please keep this boy in your thoughts.