Frankie, more than just a messy eater whose weight was plummeting when he arrived in rescue.  He found a fabulous and compassionate permanent foster mom who has adopted and fostered many, including Luke (aka Caleb) who is now hanging out as a ‘guardian angel dog’ after recently crossing the Rainbow Bridge.  

Despite all of our diagnostic testing, no conclusive diagnosis has been determined for Frankie’s condition but his foster mom persists in finding ways to get food in his tummy rather than it flying all over the room.  Frankie loves to eat, he just can’t seem to get it to go down his throat. Luckily, the mess is ‘naturally cleaned up by the littles’, Frankie’s fur-siblings.

 Loved by everyone he meets, Frankie is a dog park favorite with everyone yelling “FRANKIE”  when he arrives, and while the dogs are being rounded up to go home he stands in the middle of the dog park refusing to leave.