George • Always in our hearts

Rescued 4 years ago, my unsocialized senior pound puppy turned into such an amazing, gentle, happy, loving guy. I frequently marveled at his transformation and how much he learned. Along the way he came to adore small creatures… cats, lizards, birds (as well as his Golden siblings). He had learned not to touch or chase them and would just stand there mesmerized. (The lizards, I’m sure, were less excited about the situation but he never even approached them, just watched.). George celebrated everything. If you walked outside and came back, he would celebrate. Mornings, breakfast, meds, friends, getting his ears cleaned, everything was cause for celebration. We thought we might lose him a year and a half ago when his spleen ruptured but he made it through. This time we weren’t as lucky. A tumor, probably a Hemangiosarcoma on his liver, ruptured. He was around 12 or 13 years old. My sweet George had become the epitome of a Golden. We miss him so very much.

Shendl and Grant