Update May  28, 2019: 

We vowed from the start never to let this boy suffer a second longer than he should, and in the night last night I made the difficult decision to set him free from a week of declining health.   I held and loved him as he crossed over the rainbow bridge, one of his favorite unicorn plushies by his side.  I imagine him racing along with his new found lightness and hope to see him again one day in another form.

It’s easy to be so sad at the loss of such a special life but I take solace in knowing we gave him several months of the life he truly deserved.  He got fat, he smelled nature, he learned to play a bit and experiment with light-heartedness although he was far to regal of a personality to get too silly.  He drank from the hose of life, slurped up puppacino’s, feasted on burgers and chicken and steak and sausages.  He ate ice cream and felt the power of Reiki.  He went to several parties and visited with veterans as well as special needs folks at his local park.  

Everyone that met him was touched by his story, his soul and his bravery.  Gi…it means brave. He was all that and more.  He had a huge fan club and a loving, dedicated “Gi squad” to help him with his adventures and stocking the fridge.  Thank you all again for your support in Gi, and all the dogs at SCGRR like him. Most of all I’m thankful for Gi who reminded me about forgiveness, perseverance, living in the moment and the healing power of gentle human touch.

Nedra Plonski
Gi’s Permanent Foster mom

Gi’s Journey

Gi comes from South Korea. There, he was advertised online for $50 with the statement that the seller was not responsible for his health condition or survival.  He only needed a ½ cup of food per day and could be used for breeding.

The people that responded to the ad found Gi tied up outside with wires around his neck and snout.  They took him home and realized his condition was much worse than they imagined. Contacting a local rescue, he was taken to the vet and treated. It was then he was shaved and the vet discovered severe signs of abuse. He had been beaten and burned.

While in South Korea, Gi started to heal and began to trust his rescuers. On the states side, SCGRR’s collaboration with our international rescue partners secured sponsorship for Gi to come to the U.S. while our international rescue team secured the proper paperwork from federal agencies to get him here.

Gi landed at LAX on March 30th, bouncing out of his travel crate happy to meet the volunteers, loving all of the attention showered upon him from the volunteers there to greet him.

Although he arrived feeling good and peppy, after time his appetite decreased, he started to lose energy, was dropping weight rapidly, and was frequently urinating. He was admitted back to the hospital for x-rays, fluids, IV meds, ultrasound and blood work. 

The biopsy of his lymph nodes confirmed Gi suffers from multi-centric malignant lymphoma. Evidence is not only in his lymph nodes, but his intestines, and most likely elsewhere. He has also been diagnosed with chronic renal inefficiency, thickening or necrosis of his intestines. He has lost 10 lbs in five days.

At this time, Gi has become the latest pup (after all, he is only 3 years old) in our Permanent Foster Program.

Gi has spent some time in the hospital and is now in a temporary foster home while we wait for his appointment with an oncologist. That visit will reveal his prognosis and any treatment plan. Right now we are just keeping him comfortable. His burns are healing beautifully with the help of laser therapy.

At this time we are looking for a permanent foster home that has access to a yard.  He doesn’t seem to want to interact with other dogs much, just ignores them mostly especially when he is not feeling well. He does love human contact.

Gi’s name means Brave. That he has been for his very short life.

Update April 10, 2019:  The steroids have kicked in and his lymph nodes have drastically reduced. While he is incredibly hungry, he is just as picky, but he is eating.  His diet is very bland as the food seems to travel right through him . He has a bit more energy so is up for some exercise. Gi has another appointment this weekend, then hopefully he will be off to his new foster home.

He is acting like a new dogs today and founds some time to enjoy the sun!