Meet Gracie!

I know, you are probably thinking what happened to this golden mix? Shaped like a puffer fish, sweet (in every sense of the word) little Gracie has had a bumpy life. Adopted out a year ago from another rescue, she was returned when family issues forced them to basically keep her kenneled for months on end. No exercise and unlimited food had Gracie pack and extra 15-20 lbs on her petite frame.

We really cannot emphasize how sweet and loving this girl is. She is part of the pack, always ready to go, and has been dropping the pounds since in foster care.  Gracie is currently fostered with a menagerie of animals, five of which are dogs of all sizes and they get along famously.  She loves to wrestle with the smaller dogs in the house (the bigger ones tower over her).  Overall she gets her exercise playing with other dogs and racing the stairs.

Click here for Gracie’s workout (with encouragement from friends) …the gauntlet

Gracie is housebroken, has fabulous indoor manners, is not a barker nor has she exhibited any destructive tendencies. While she has not been left alone all day by herself,  for the hours someone has been gone she is mellow and enjoys the company of the other dogs.

Gracie does well on leash and knows a couple of commands, rides well in the car, and has been perfect on outings.  She has not been in the pool so we are not sure she is a swimmer. She is more interested in the other dogs than toys or balls. She has shown no aggression or resource guarding tendencies, and does not appear to have any interest in critters so she would probably do okay with cats in the home.

Not to be left out, Gracie follows her family everywhere.

Gracie needs a home committed to helping her shed the pounds, and who will spoil her with love and not treats. She will have to build up to an exercise regimen so if you are looking for a walking buddy who will be your best friend, Gracie could be the girl for you.

Just for reference, these were photos taken of Gracie last year, when she was her proper weight.

This is what she should look like, and with commitment from her new family, she can again!

If you think Gracie is a match for your home, email and let us know all about the home and life you can provide for this uber-sweet, petite pup.

All interested parties must have completed the adoption process which includes not only the application but a home visit by one of our volunteers.

Gracie’s age is documented in her historic vet records as between 2½ -6 years old. Her adoption fee is $500