Hi, my name is Puppygirl, but my new foster parents call me Gracie.

I don’t hear or see well so I don’t mind what they call me. I look like a little fox and I’m very sweet unless you have food then watch your fingers. I was dropped at the shelter by my other people and the nice people from the SCGRR saved me from that place. They decided to make me a permanent foster so I could have a good life.

I like to eat a lot and my new foster mom and dad cook chicken rice and green beans just for me. Boy do I love that, I do share with my new foster sisters because they are very nice. I walk like I’ve had to much wine, at 17 years old, nothing works the way it used to. I do have a few accidents but no one gets upset because they know I can’t help it.

I love to sit out front and watch all the dogs and people at the park across the street while my new family sits with me. I’m getting used to the house – my favorite places are the kitchen and my sister’s bed (she doesn’t mind). Thank you to the rescue for a soft place to rest my head, a full belly and people to love me.

Gracie aka Puppygirl