Update September 18, 2020:

Gypsy continues to improve with her daily swimming routine and the ability to romp and play with other dogs. She is using her leg more and more and will soon be ready for her forever home.

She will be leaving the Recovery Room in a week or so so keep your eyes peeled for her posting under Available goldens. For sure she will need a home with a pool.


Gypsy’s Journey

This little six month old puppy was relinquished to us a week ago after surgery in Mexico left  her femur healing improperly.  Please excuse the graphic nature of the photo, but this is just one reason why our international program in rescuing dogs from Mexico is so close to our hearts.

Left in a cast far beyond any reasonable healing and rehab time frame, the tendons in her knee have tightened so that she cannot use that leg.

Many miles and two fosters later, Gypsy is in the perfect foster home. Her foster dad works with her every morning in the pool and it is making a difference in her mobility. She also has a couple fur siblings teaching her the ways of a well behaved pup.

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Update September 1, 2020:

Gypsy’s mobility is slowly returning although her range of motion will always be compromised.  She is an expert swimmer, jumping off the side of the pool after balls, she is now using her leg underwater when swimming and runs about chasing the ball and playing.  We are working with an orthopedic specialist to determine next steps as other than continued water therapy and exercise, a surgical option would be quite drastic

Click here to see Gypsy chase the pups with her golden pals.