Meet Harmony!

Hi there. My name is Harmony. You might be wondering why I’m posted on a Golden Retriever website? I’m a white Chihuahua mix weighing in just over 13lbs. Well…I got myself lost and in order to face the big scary world around me I hooked up with this hot mess of a Golden Retriever who was also wandering about. The shelter picked us up and said we were “bonded”. Good thing…cause SCGRR pulled us BOTH. YAY! So off we went to the vets and to a foster home together where I’ve been living the good life. I quickly showed I was affectionate but also independent. It didn’t seem like my fur-sister and I were really “together” in that way and in fact we compete for affection a bit.

When she had to go in for her surgery and my foster was out of town for a few days I visited another foster home and it was clear I didn’t miss her very much. So…now I’m looking for a family to call my own since she still has a long road to recover.

I would like a special person to cuddle up with and love. I dream of being a lap dog. My favorite things are spending time with my people, sunbathing and napping. I could spend hours soaking up Vitamin D! But I’m also always up for an adventure whether is it going for a walk, a ride in the car or play time. When I’m happy and excited, I turn in circles with great anticipation of what’s next.

I love people the most but not children under 10. I do fine with other dogs. I’ve never been with a cat as far as anyone can tell but I don’t react to them on walks. I sleep the whole night through in a dog bed right next to yours. I prefer baths at home in the sink with the people I love and trust. I’m not a fan of the groomer.

I’m pretty low maintenance. I would be fine with a small yard or patio as long as there is sun to enjoy in the fresh air. I don’t need a ton of room. I’d be up for a couple of strolls a day to keep me in top shape and ready for more napping. That may change as I build more stamina with an exercise regimen appropriate for a gal my age. I stroll fine on a leash and am housebroken. I do shed!

I have a couple of quirks you should know about. Young kids make me nervous. I’ve been known to bark at an 8yr old in the house but not a 10yr old. And if I’m out on the walks I can be nervous about meeting new people and can growl or bark. I’d prefer not to be petted out in the world by strangers but if you come to my house I’m totally fine.

I have a secret talent they caught on film. Riding a skateboard. But don’t tell anyone! And I can be super playful when no one is looking.

Check me out!

Do you want a pup to snuggle on your lap and take for leisurely strolls? Please contact my friend Nedra at Please remember to have completed your adoption application.

As a roughly 10 yr old pup, my adoption fee will be $300.

Harmony’s ID 4953