Meet Hazel!

Meet sweet Hazel, a happy senior girl looking for her 3rd home. No fault of her’s (in our opinion) as she’s been nothing but happy and cuddly in her foster home, healthy, and has all her faculties. Hazel is about 11 years old.

She loves her leash and walks. She maneuvers the stairs confidently. Her favorite things are sitting on the couch next to you and playing “senior fetch” under the kitchen table. She LOVES kids, and people she randomly meets on walks. She is totally house-trained, including being trained to sneak “snacks” from the kitchen counter (YOU GO OLD GIRL!) She is not fond of other dogs she encounters on her walks (but that could change as she was originally “dog friendly”)

She likes a quieter home, and one where there are not a lot of comings & goings of random strangers. She loves to be around her main people. And she likes kids too. She even likes the piano teacher and the beautiful music echoing throughout the living room. We have not tested her with kitties.

Hazel was rescued by us in 2017 from the City of Long Beach shelter, and then adopted. She was deemed dog-friendly at that time. In 2017 and 2018 she was treated for skin allergies; however, in her foster home she has not exhibited itching or hair loss (other than your normal “hair loss” from a typical Golden Retriever……) In her last home, she was known to “nip” at strangers and growl if you took her bone away. But again, we have not seen those behaviors in foster care (even with two noisy boys in the home!)

Thanks for considering Hazel. She needs a calm but mediumly- active home and someone to love her even though she’s a bit older and grayer. Please contact Hazels representative at if you’d like to be considered as her new family.

Hazel’s # 4584