Honeybun – Adopted!

Meet Honeybun, a sweet, affectionate, belly-rub loving girl. She is just about as Velcro as it gets, and she never stops wagging her tail! When one of the other resident dogs began attacking her for no reason, her family made the difficult decision to ask us to help in finding another home for her.

Honeybun came to us with some extra weight, so her new family must be committed to helping her shed the extra pounds with daily walks and fruit or veggies for treats. She loves her daily outings and walks well on a leash. She thinks car rides are pretty fun too. She is a medium energy dog and doesn’t jump or bark. She has nice house manners, does not counter surf or invite herself to your dinner table. She knows basic commands and knows how to use the doggie door.

She is very affectionate and just loves to cuddle. She is happy to be wherever her foster family is. She could do well with another non-alpha canine sibling, or as an only dog as long as someone is home most of the time. She has shown interest in the pool and will dip her paws in the water, but hasn’t taken the plunge yet. She likes her baths and loves being brushed and groomed. She will let you know when she is ready for a belly rub, by laying on her side and giving you her paw.

She’s been great with everyone she’s met – kids, babies, dogs and cats.