Honeylamb came into rescue in June right after the extremely hot week we had in So Cal.

She was covered in sores and scabs.  It looked just painful to even touch her.  Her fur was falling off of most of her and was very teddybear like.  She had a big pot belly and she was in such poor shape that our founder, who met her at the vet, just collapsed on the floor when seeing her.  How could this happen?  Who left her out in the sun like this with no shade?

Honeylamb was shaved down the remainder of the fur hanging off of her, and she was cared for at the vet.  She had huge hanging dry elbows – formed from years of being outside on concrete.  They were removed at the vet and she has been recovering well from that.

Honeylamb has Cushings disease.  But, she has healed very well with her scabs and sores – love and a little cream has really helped her. Good food, shade, sleeping inside.  She’s such a lovely girl.

She is happy as long as she has a tennis ball. She even sleeps with it in her mouth. It’s unbelievable really!  She’s a lovely girl and she was cared for several months by one of our wonderful fosters, Ross and his son Sean.  She has now moved on to her permanent home with her new dad Bob. …and several tennis balls.