Irish * In our hearts

Irish aka Buddy came to us from Baldwin Shelter at the age of 12 yrs old on March 10, 2018. His owners surrendered him because they couldn’t care for him any longer – probably because he had a mass on his cheek below his right eye. Our “Shelter Angel”, Barry ran to get him out and transported him to one of our vets where upon examination we found that he had a very aggressive Oral Cancer. Where the cancer was located in the mouth surgery was not an option.

Irish was your typical golden that loved life. His tail was always wagging. When he looked at you with those Amber color eyes you just melted. It was like looking into his soul. He was amazing!!!!

We are forever grateful to our foster families for taking such good care of Irish: taking Irish to follow-up visits, working from home to help Irish settle in, giving him all the attention and love he needed. When primary foster dad Dino had to go away for work or vacation, Judy & Dave took Irish in. He fit in just fine with their two golden girls and their routine. He was a joy to be around.

It was apparent that the cancer was growing pushing behind his right eye so he went in for a follow-up. The cancer was growing but Irish was still wagging his tail like nothing was happening. He seemed to be doing fine for a bit but all of a sudden, wasn’t doing well, wasn’t eating, was anxious and panting more. Back to the vet where we learned it wasn’t good and that we needed to make a decision. It was a hard decision but we knew it was for the best. We didn’t want him to suffer anymore. Irish had 2 months of love, love and more love from Dino, Judy & Dave. We are sure his last 2 months were his favorite…

Rest in peace sweet boy.