Meet Jaxx! Adopted

Jaxx was spotted by a good samaritan that happened to be at the TJ Shelter in Mexico looking to adopt a dog. She called our Foster to let her know, and of course she sprung into action to go rescue this sweet boy. 

We soon realized that Jaxx had 3rd degree burns on his whole right side and was in needed of medical treatment. Once in the US, our vet  started his treatment. The severity of his burns were heart breaking, but this sweet boy was still wagging his tail. Jaxx was shaved on his right side and went into emergency surgery because he had a major infection.  

Once Jaxx was able to leave the hospital, he settled right into his Foster’s home. He took to his fur sibling and he made himself at home right away.  He is a super sweet boy who despite the inhuman treatment he endured is still a happy and goofy boy. It didn’t take long for him to realize that his Mom’s bed was way more comfortable than his own bed on the floor or that the chair his Mom like to sit in was also very comfortable. It didn’t matter if she happened to be sitting in it. Jaxx had a long road to recovering, but he is finally pretty much healed up. All his dead skin has fallen off and his new skin is healing nicely and he is even starting to grow his fur again.

He is a very sweet pup who loves to be around his foster Mom, and especially loves to be pet, and talked to. His favorite thing to do is roll over and expose his chest & belly so it can get rubbed and in turn he will give you puppy kisses all over your face. He is gentled and has made himself quite comfortable in his foster home. Whatever room his foster Mom is is where you will find Jaxx and when she is outside, he is very happy to lay in the cool grass and enjoy nature. Jaxx may be 8 years old, but he thinks he is still a young pup and can act like a puppy, he love his daily walks especially if there are rabbits around, he loves his toys and playing keep away. He is so cute, when he sees his leash come out, he gets very excited and so happy. He sits and that tail of his is wagging 100 miles an hour.  Most of the time he walks very well at least until he spots those rabbits, then he can  pulled quite a bit but we are working on him walking near us and not lead us and he is doing well. On his walk around the neighborhood, he is very social and is friendly. When people stop to talk to him, he sits and loves them to pet him.

 He loves to play fetch especially with tennis balls, but you must keep an eye on him because eventually, he starts to know on them and will rip them apart after he is done playing fetch, at which time his Mom throws the ball away before he can eat it. He also loves to chew on empty water bottle. Jaxx is playful, sneaky sometimes when he can get away with grabbing something off the floor (slippers) or when he sees his Mom’s food unattended and best of all he is a lover, but will settle down easily and is usually good for a good nap after his walks.

His foster Mom does work a couple hours out of the house, but comes home for lunch and Jaxx seems content to nap while she is gone. When she is home, he is happy to be close to her and will wake up from a deep sleep if she gets up to go to another room. He is definitely a Velcro Golden and a very sweet one at that.

Jaxx listen well and has very good house manners. He is house trained and will let you know when he needs out. He eats well, he is being trained to sit and stay while his food is being prepared. He will also wait until you say OK before he eats out of his bowl. He has never counter surfed, but is definitely in the kitchen sniffing while his foster is cooking. He also has learn while in foster care to take food gently out of your hand. His favorite things are: peanut butter in his Kong Toy, he loves dog bones as well. He also loves his dog treats which are used to reinforce positive behavior. He knows sit, stay and lay down. He also loves those belly rubs and being around his human. Jaxx is looking for a semi active home, a family who is very affectionate because Jaxx is very loving. A quiet home is also good for Jaxx, his foster home is quiet for the most part and he has adapted well there. Jaxx is a really good boy and his foster feels he will do well with a family who can put time and love into him. So if you feel that you have the perfect home for Jaxx and you have had your Adoption Application and In-Home-Interview done by one of our rescue volunteer, then please email his rep at and tell her why you think you are perfect for Jaxx.

At age 8 years old, Jax’s adoption fee is $350

Jaxx’s ID# 5448