Jetson suffered major life threatening injuries after being run over twice by a SUV. His owners could not afford his medical bills so he was relinquished to SCGRR. Jetson then went through 3 major surgeries a diaphragmatic hernia repair as all his organs were displaced up in his abdomen pushing on his lungs, and 2 orthopedic surgeries for multiple compound fractures in both back legs and spent 3 months in recovery with his loving foster family.

Jetson was adopted by a family who just lost their dog 6 weeks ago at the age of 14½ years. He was also a rescue that had survived being hit by a car so they are are well versed in the rehab he will need. They have a grand pool for water therapy, and have committed to physical therapy he will need for the next 6 months. To say Jackson hit the jackpot is an understatement but by the looks of the smiles on their faces, they know they did too.