Joey • Always in our hearts

Joey came to us only a few months ago as a companion and family member. He was a sweet, gentle, happy, loving boy, and was happiest sitting, cuddling or sleeping in my lap, in my arms or on the bed. He had the deep need for love of a dog who had spent most of his life locked out in the back yard. He had the voracious appetite of a dog who had missed a meal often enough to know real hunger, but he would take a cookie gently from my mouth.

Joey loved to walk the neighborhood with his big sister Daisy, and they walked nose to nose with no pulling or fighting for the lead. He had many friends, both doggie and human, and he especially loved children. Joey did not know how to play with toys or balls, but he was happy to roll around on the floor on his back and wiggle and smile with his sister by his side.

He loved the attention of being groomed, being brushed, getting a bath and swimming. He knew he was truly loved. There must have been some lonely children in heaven who needed him because he was taken much to soon from us.
We will miss him terribly but know he is being guided by some of the best dogs I have had the priviledge to share my home and my life with. –Sarah