Joy • Always in our hearts

Ode to Joy

“Joyce” came to us from Taiwan and we adopted her when she was 3 and we promptly named her “Joy”. And such a JOY she was.
She made every day a pleasure. She was loved by everyone in the neighborhood and she loved everyone. Little dogs and big dogs loved her. All the humans loved her. And despite severe hip dysplasia, she never complained, but always was excited about our neighborhood walks and would meet and greet everyone.
She was terrified of loud heavy rain, and we always thought she may have been caught in a monsoon in Taiwan. A little after her fifth birthday she became sick with cancer and crossed over. Our house is now empty and we are a little colder at night without our snuggle bunny.
Our two older boys who crossed over were waiting for her to come and play and I am sure she is in the best of company and no longer worries about loud rain or pain.