Kalena aka Bear Bear

The Story of A Rainbow Bridge Crossing.. by Randy Morales

Our special “Bear Bear” crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on Friday, May 23rd.    She was turned into the rescue 1 year ago by an evil man who had bred her over and over for 8 years while confining her in a cage in his backyard and all the while making money off of her puppies.

We soon discovered that she had cataracts in both eyes and would be blind soon.  We decided she was not a good candidate for adoption and decided to adopt her ourselves.  As it turned out, we adopted the sweetest and most loving babygirl who brought us more love and joy than any other dog we have ever known.  She had a way of showing us how happy she was and how grateful she was for a real home, her own bed to sleep in, healthy food and the love of 2 humans, 2 sisters and one brother. (all golden’s but one!)

Bear gave us so much more than love than we could have given her.  We all miss her every minute of the day… Crockett is still looking for her!

God bless our Bear and if God listened to our prayers, that she is lying on green grass with a shade tree playing with all the other dogs who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Thank you to SCGRR for allowing her to make a difference in our lives!  With lots of tears!!!


Randy and Karen Morales