Karam – adopted!

Karam, a Flat Coat Retriever, is one of the lucky dogs that was rescued from the forests of Turkey so we could bring him safely to the United States. He spent many months trying to survive the freezing cold and the summer heat, while competing for enough food to stay alive. When he was found he was in very weak condition, but he continues to show us what a strong boy he really is!

Here’s a video of Karam! Press right here!

Karam is a sweet senior. He might not hear or see as well as the young pups but that doesn’t seem to impact him. Low impact exercise (aka walks) are the best exercise for him to stay active and moving without putting too much stress on his joints or spine. He has some disc degeneration in his upper spine that will require ongoing pain medication and hopefully some other therapies to help keep him comfortable. For this reason we are looking for a home with no young kids to rough-house. We also think he should be an only dog, or, if there is another, it should be small or a calm senior. We think he would be ok with a calm cat, but have not tested that

Karam shows his affection by joining you on the couch with his head in your lap. He keeps close track of your movements and follows you wherever you go – he’s like a warm furry shadow! When you’ve spent a lot of your life alone like he has, it’s shear heaven to have a comforting human always nearby.

Though not much of a ball dog, he does enjoy his plush squeaky toys. He will let you throw it for him once and then the game is over and the toy is his! He has shown no aggression though, with toys or food. Karam has not had much training but his house manners are good and he wants to please. He hasn’t destroyed anything in his foster mom’s home. He is very curious though – everything is new to him and he wants to explore it all! He checks out every item you pick up, and every new place he goes is an exciting experience. He truly seems happy to be here! He is mostly housetrained but there may be a rare mishap in that area. He has no separation anxiety – he wants to go everywhere with his foster mom, but if left home he settles quickly. We would love to place him in a home where someone is there a lot so he doesn’t have to be alone for long periods.

If you have a place in your heart for a loving senior who has some special needs, and you have filled out an application and had your home interview, please email his Rep, Lori, at regadog1010@gmail.com. I would love to know how you can make life great for this wonderful dog!

Karam’s ID # is 4348 and his International Dog minimum donation is $800.