Meet Karri! Adoption Pending

Karri is a 5 year old Golden/Aussie mix that came from a shelter in the high desert. She didn’t seem to like her name, so we renamed her MARLEY. She just began coming to that name.
Karrie has the most gorgeous, unique coat (we like to say: she gets her highlights in Beverly Hills…)
Karri is very smart, and loves taking rides and long walks, chasing her ChuckIt ball at the beach or dog park. She is interested in other dogs, but is more focused on attention from the humans in her life. She is quick to roll over for belly rubs – even to strangers. She needs knowledgeable humans willing to work slowly, patiently on her separation anxiety. Karri needs a leader-of-the-pack, consistency, routine and mental challenges daily – she’s very well trained and eager to please. Her crate is her “safe place”.
Karri has really liked having an older, mellow male dog in the home. She will warm up to women much quicker, and is more cautious around men. Men just need to take is slower with her, giving her time and attention.
Sweet, playful, smart and friendly. Calm and patience wins Karri’s trust. Once she gets to know you, her fearfulness goes away.
Karri can be barky and afraid of strangers entering the home – she’ll bark and won’t enter the room. There are solutions and protocols a person can implement to address this. However, in her foster home, she’s been fine with the few visitors that have come over.
She’s energetic, but not overly so. She is enthusiastic on her walks and playing at the beach or dog park or doggy-day-care, but quiet in the house or her yard in between times. Karri will need time to gain confidence in her new environments. Brain exercises are important for Karri because she’s so smart, and regular aerobic exercise helps her settle in tremendously. Additionally, she wants a human pack to be with her most times, and be willing to follow a routine that helps with her separation anxiety.
We are looking for
• an active person/people with dog experience and another male. Challenge games and obedience training / tricks training are good for Karri because she’s so smart.
• someone who likes to train/interact/play games/ mentally challenge a smart dog – She learned how to open the screen door for herself, and of course applied that to the window, so she could jump out
• regular aerobic exercise – more than just walks
• a large yard – she loves to run and patrol.
• a person who understands the need of an Australian Shepherd type dog. ** a person who is willing to work with the special needs of a separation anxiety dog
• prefer females, but we will consider a male partner willing to be patient to earn her trust and respect
• older kids are ok, but Karri likes smaller kids too. We just ask they be respectful.
• other friendly, respectful dogs a must – older and calm is better.
• she has had formal training (The Way of The Dog) and walks excellent on a leash (however, sometimes she’s barking at other dogs on walks) She loves the beach, and used to have a pack of dogs/humans she played with every day for 2 years.
• She loves doggy day care, although while there, she interacts with the humans more than the dogs
• Perfect house manners
If after reading carefully about her needs and the home we are pursuing, have already completed an adoption application with our rescue and had your home interview, please reach out to her rep at and let her know what her life would be like in your home. Karri is up to date on her vaccines.
Her adoption fee is $500 
Karri’s ID# 4472