Kobie* Always in our hearts

In 2007 we lost our sweet Golden Retriever 14 year old Morgan, we had him since he was a year old. It was a huge loss for our family. Several months later we decided it was time to start looking for another “Golden”, so after meeting several dogs through rescues we had a time scheduled to meet a particular dog in Los Angeles through SCGRR that seemed a little unfriendly with the other dogs and since we take our dog everywhere with us we needed a very friendly, loving dog who could be trusted under all circumstances.

As we were ready to leave it was mentioned that there was another dog we might like to meet, a 3 year old by the name of “Reoku”. He came out to meet us and we instantly felt the love and affection he so freely gave. After spending time with him and observing his behavior with other dogs, we knew he was the boy for us so we adopted him and took him home with us to San Clemente that day. He was about 10 pounds underweight and had recently had a surgery to repair his broken jaw (we never found out what had caused it) had 3 missing teeth and we so wanted to make his life as wonderful as we possibly could.

We renamed him “Kobie” and he was the most amazing boy in the world to us, we loved him like our child and treated him as such.

When he was 8 1/2 years old we found a lump that turned out to be a malignant cancer, we had the lump surgically removed and 7 months later it had spread. Again we had that lump surgically removed then 6 months later 3 more popped up. It was obvious this was a fast spreading cancer (Squamous Cell Carcinoma) and we didn’t want to put our boy through anything more, he had been through so much in his young life. Our vet suggested we give him pain pills when he started to show signs of pain and also put him on steroids which we did for a few months. We changed the dressings every day and took excellent care of him and rarely left him alone.

He still showed he had quality of life, he loved his rides in the car and his walks at the harbor and would perk up every time he heard the word “treat” and loved cuddling with his many stuffed animals.

Some time later when the signs of distress became obvious, we wanted to do what was best for our baby boy so June 1, 2015 we took him to our vet where we cried and showed him all the love we had for him while he crossed the Rainbow Bridge. That was one of the saddest days of our lives. He was 10 years old, we only got to enjoy him for 7 years, not nearly as long as we had hoped and expected to have him with us. We will never forget our baby boy, our treasure, our Golden Boy. He was so special, so loving, so bonded to us and us to him. RIP Kobie Boy, you will always be missed and never, ever forgotten. We love you, Mom & Dad

Thank you, ~Kathy & Ken Winkler