Hi, I’m Lainee. I’m a beautiful girl and I’ll be 7 years old this May. My old family couldn’t keep me any longer, so I’ve been hanging out at my foster’s house, waiting for the perfect new family to come along.

Let me tell you a little about myself.

My previous family did a good job of training me. I know all my commands. I can even roll over on demand, not an easy task when you have four legs. The only thing that I still need to work on is my “hard” mouth. I’m not being aggressive; it’s just my overzealous way of trying to be affectionate. Not everyone understands this, and my foster family has been working with me to correct it. If you become my forever family, you’ll need to continue that training.

I love to go on walks, and I never pull. Well, almost never. I’ll even bring you my leash when I think it’s time to go. I’m very vocal. I’ll let you know when it’s time for breakfast, or a walk or to go out for a potty break. I’ll even let you know if you’re falling down on the job with the petting. Don’t misunderstand, I’m not much of a barker, but I love to hear myself talk.

I think kids are terrific. I haven’t had much exposure to really little kids, but the grade school neighborhood kids have been coming over to play. We’ve played tug and Frisbee and fetch. It’s been great.

I have developed an interest in cats. My foster thinks it’s that I just want to play with them. The family cat isn’t so sure. I do know that I’d rather not live with a small dog. The last little dog I stayed with irritated me a bit. Big dogs are fine. I’ve been hanging out with some fellow goldens and we get along fine. They are trying to teach me to play.