Landy * Always in our hearts

October 2015

I’m so sorry to say that our dearest, most amazing Amanda (Landy) died suddenly this past Monday from a hemangiosarcoma. I rushed her to the ER at Vet Specialty Hospital hoping we’d get a miracle, but she didn’t make it. I adored her so very much. My heart is crushed beyond words. She was such a great girl. I know everyone who has a Golden says those same words but she was such a special one. Being blind didn’t slow her down even when it might have been prudent. I will miss her forever. The night before she was happily playing with her toys, the next day she was leaving for Rainbow Bridge.

We’ve gone from five amazing Goldens to just two in less than a year (brain tumor, lymphoma, hemangiosarcoma). That’s the only down side.

All the best,