Meet Leah! Adopted

Meet sweet Leah, who will make you smile with her endearing talking style, sweet temperament and goofy antics!

Leah came to the rescue due to her human sister developing severe allergies to her and she had spent the last few years mostly outside alone during the daytime and inside the garage alone at night. Her owners said she hated being alone, and was terrified of the dark and firecrackers (of which they had a lot in their neighborhood-evidently some people are celebrating something this miserable year) and had repeatedly tried to escape from the garage, injuring herself a few times in the process. In addition, she would begin to get agitated as soon as it started to get dark , and in an effort to calm her they tried tranquilizers, calming chews, CBD oil, etc. Leah needed none of these-all she wanted was to be in the house with her people. Finally, luckily her family knew that she needed a better life than she was having. She is so happy now to be indoors- since coming into care with her foster family she is a completely different dog.

Leah is a laid-back girl who goes with the flow. While you work from home, she will lay by you or look out an available window. When you get up for coffee, she will follow you around. She will also happily accompany you on your errands. If you need to run an errand by yourself, Leah is independent enough that she will stay home by herself for 3-4 hours without giving you any cause for worry. And when you are winding down in the evening, relaxing while watching a game or your favorite show, she will cuddle right up to you on the couch. She is extremely vocal, will endearingly talk to you in soft little yowls, sharing her dog wisdom with you.

During the day (and as long as she is assured she is coming back inside) Leah has a special fondness for the outdoors, and she will often stand up on her hind legs, almost dancing as she gets ready to chase any nearby squirrels. Other favorite day-time activities include playing with toys and rolling round with the furry members of her household. In fact, Leah often talks to her furry friends in an effort to entice them in to play.

Her mornings usually begin with a heartily enjoyed breakfast. She is a very polite eater, even with other dogs around. Leah has excellent table manners although very occasionally (and only if the temptation is too strong) she will succumb to an isolated counter surfing impulse. Following breakfast, Leah enjoys a morning walk. She walks comfortably on a front-harness, and is steadily developing an ability to walk comfortably on a leash as well. Leah had obviously not been exposed to too many dogs prior to coming in to rescue. She has some leash reactivity when she initially meets other dogs during her walk-they can scare her if they come on too strong too fast When she is afraid, despite her petite size, Leah can lunge and bark at the dogs who get too close to her or her human. If properly introduced more slowly, she does fine with other canines. In fact, she is currently happily co-habitating with another male, easy going golden, and a golden puppy, who she is incredibly gentle with.

A forever home for Leah should include a big yard (preferably filled with squirrels and birds) and if possible, a dog door for easy access to the outdoors. Ideally, Leah would like to take long early morning walks with her moderately active human, and would like to have someone with her for the greater portion of the day. Leah continues to develop her obedience and safety skills (sometimes she can dash out in excitement to chase squirrels when the door opens) and she would likely enjoy, and definitely benefit from continuing training with her new family. She does know a few commands like Sit, Paw (hand-shake) and Down-she is a smart pup who learns quickly. Another easy going, friendly canine companion would also be a plus, but not a necessity.

To apply for Leah please ensure that BOTH your online application as well as your in-home interview are completed, otherwise we are unable to consider you or your family for this beautiful girl. If you have both in place, please contact

Write us to share why you want Leah and how you will be the best forever family to meet her needs.

At seven years of age, the minimum adoption donation for Leah is $500. 

Leah’s ID# 5425