Meet Lilly

This is our lovely Lady Lilly who will be 13 years old in December and has been in and out of the shelter five times that we know of in her lifetime. The last time surrendered by her owner as they could no longer care for her, she came into rescue and was adopted by a wonderful, caring soul only to have tragedy strike yet again bringing her back into rescue.  Lilly has been loved and cared for more in the past few months than she has been in her entire life.

Lilly is blind and chronic ear infections have left her mostly deaf. She does seem to respond to sharp noises, looking the direction from which they come but she cannot hear when you speak or call out to her. Don’t tell her she has limitations though, this girl is bold and brave, the ultimate explorer and once she maps out her surroundings she gets along just fine.

Each disability singularly brings its challenges but having a blind and deaf senior in the home takes it up a notch. Lilly is back with her original foster family.  Click here to watch her reacquaint herself with the yard. She walks in circles to map out the lay of the land. Lilly is pretty confident even on unfamiliar ground which is helpful. Her new family will establish a routine, Patience and Love is all she needs.

Lilly loves people. She loves to be petted and massaged, belly rubs and snuggling ~ any contact that takes her out of her darkness. Lilly has lived with dogs and has been introduced to cats. She is interested in dogs (cats, not so much) and they all seem to sense something special about her. 

Lilly is house-trained. She will need a home where she can access outdoors without relying on her humans.  Initially when she came to rescue we were having issues of incontinence but an inexpensive medication given daily has proved very effective. Her blood work looks great for a dog of her years but indicates that a special diet would be best for her kidneys.  The monthly cost for food and meds would be approximately $100/month.  Added vetting would only be blood work for refills of Proin and to monitor her kidney function.  During her initial time in rescue we were wrestling with some skin issues (residual effects of neglect) and she was given a summer cut. That has resolved and in no time her soft and silky locks should grow back.

Lilly rides well in the car and with guidance, has managed a ramp into the van. She needed some help with the steps but her boldness in trying new things is refreshing. If you don’t have a ramp, no worries, she is pint-sized and easy to lift into the car.

Lilly is a total foodie and loves to go for walks. Got a couple minutes? Click here to see what it is like strolling with Lilly. She also loves to stop and investigate all smells so we give her the gift of time to explore. She can do ¼ mile or so, it will just take a while.

If you are interested in having Lilly join your family, please send us detailed information about your home and how you feel Lilly would fit into your lifestyle.  All families interested in meeting this sweet senior must have completed an online application and a home visit by one of our volunteers.

Experience with a pup with limited abilities is not required, just patience and love. Lilly will teach you everything you need to know.


Lilly’s adoption fee is $300