Meet Lilly

The resilience of these sweet souls is amazing. Meet Lilly who will be 13 years old in December.  In and out of the shelter five times that we know of in her lifetime; this last time surrendered by her owner as they could no longer care for her.  Spoiler alert…she had not been ‘cared for’ in any recent times. Lilly is a victim of neglect.

Chronic ear infections have left her ears damaged, and are most likely the cause of her hearing loss.  When Lilly arrived in rescue, her toenails were so long and curled it was painful and awkward for her to walk.  She has a bit of arthritis but overall her blood work is great for a gal of her age. Lilly has one more limitation. She is blind.

When the shelter reached out, of course we would take her.  She has some fur loss on the top of her rump at the base of her tail but all of that is now growing in nicely; she has some warty growths on her skin in places, but old dogs get warty growths, she does have a broken canine tooth that does not seem to bother her one bit…this girl is a foodie!

First day in rescue was spa day. Baths and rub-downs…Lilly LOVES her massages. What a cuddle bug.  Then for the pedicure; her nails have been trimmed nicely and boy, what a difference. Lilly loves to walk, wander and explore.

Click Here for a look at Lilly exploring her new surroundings.  Just note that these videos were taken during her initial explorations.  She learns quickly and remembers.

Her ear infections are clearing nicely and we have her on NSDAIDs for her arthritis. Initially she was experiencing leakage from her bladder…something senior, but we have put her on an inexpensive medication ($15/mo @ Costco), Proin, given twice daily and it has made a world of difference. She no longer ‘leaks.’ 

Lilly is house-trained. Once she learns where the door is she will use it whenever she needs.  Routine would be best for her, and complete access to outdoor during the day so she can go potty as needed. She can’t come look for you and ask to be let out.

Like most seniors, she takes lots of naps. She also likes to wander around and smell the roses and really enjoys walks. Typically she just goes up the block and who knows, over time she may build up endurance. We are pretty sure her family did not walk her or socialize her, and Lilly loves people. She loves to be petted and massaged ~ any contact that takes her out of her darkness.

Lilly has been introduced to dogs and cats. She is interested in dogs (cats, not so much) and they all seem to sense something special about her.  She just transitioned from a home where she was the one and only to a home with three other senior dogs. We will get back to you on this but at this time both foster families agree that it would be beneficial for her to have another dog in the home.

Lilly rides well in the car, and with guidance has managed a ramp into the van. She needed some help with the steps but her boldness in trying new things is refreshing. If you don’t have a ramp, no worries. She is pint-sized and easy to lift into the car.

Lilly could stand to lose some weight. Over time, with the right diet and if she is walking a bit we are sure this can be managed. It would help her overall mobility and arthritis. Her fur should grow back on her rump and in a couple months, be as soft and silky as the rest of her.

Each disability singularly brings its challenges but having a blind and deaf senior in the home takes it up a notch. As you can see in the video, Lilly is pretty confident even on unfamiliar ground which is helpful. She has her routine and while not set in stone it would be nice if her new family were flexible enough to give her time for her transition. Love is all she needs.

If you are interested in having Lilly join your family, please send us detailed information about your home and how you feel Lilly would fit into your lifestyle.  All families interested in meeting this sweet senior must have completed an online application and a home visit by one of our volunteers.

Experience with a pup with limited abilities is not required, just patience. Lilly will teach you everything you need to know.

e-mail: if you think she may be the one for you.

At 12 years young, Lilly’s adoption fee is $300.