Meet Lobo! Adopted

 Lobo was turned into the shelter because his owner just didn’t want to be bothered with him. We soon figured out that all along his owner had not bothered with him at all. Lobo is a very sweet pup who craves love and attention. All the way from picking him up at the shelter and taking him to his foster, Lobo sat in the front seat (seat belt on) and laid his head on my shoulder and proceeded to give me a face and neck bath. lol
Lobo is barely 12 months old and is a very playful pup who is going to need a family that is willing to train him and help him learn to be his best self. Someone who has a good sense of humor because he is a big goofball and always has a smile on his face. He is very smart and a quick learner, he is motivated by treats, but patience and time is the key and with that he will definitely be your awesome buddy.
He loves people and likes to jump up and get and give hugs as well as kisses. He gets so excited when he sees his humans come home sometimes that he pee just a little bit because of his excitement. We think that as he mature that will stop because otherwise he knows how to go outside and go potty like a good boy.
Lobo still needs help walking on the leash, but overall he is doing pretty good. He is currently living with a 5 year old human who he loves to play with and chase around the house. He is also pretty good with the senior citizens small dogs he lives with. They don’t like to play much, but he sure does like to chase them. He really, really loves playing with other dogs, and another friendly canine would top his wish list, both providing a playmate for him to burn off all the puppy energy with, as well as serving as a role model for him.
Lobo needs a home where someone is around much of the time, if not all of the time, as he is still just a big puppy at heart. If you have dealt with a puppies before you’ll know that they love to chew on anythings, and we believe this behavior is to be expected, and a good supply of sturdy toys is highly recommended – unless you don’t mind him using your stuff to chew on-anything left on the floor or within easy reach is fair game and will go in his mouth.
Lobo doesn’t have a mean bone in his body and is always ready to cuddle, play and just be the most outgoing pup. His ideal forever home is to have a family with both kids and an other fur sibling, and most importantly someone who has lots of patients (willing to work with Lobo and train him), a great sense of humor and has lots of energy to keep up with this sweetheart.
If you have completed our adoption application process, which includes both the On-line-AdoptionApplication as well as the In-Home-Interview, and would like to welcome this big pup into your home and family, please write her a detail email at on how Lobo would fit into your family. Please make sure you have first, last name and contact phone number on your email.
At barely 12 months old, Lobo’s adoption donation is $600