Luckie *Always in our hearts

Luckie came to SCGRR in July of 2017 at the age of 9 1/2 years. He’d been born with a leg 2/3 the length it should have been. He was a happy boy who hadn’t had much exercise and was tubby as a result. His family was moving to a 2 story home with wouldn’t have been fair for Luckie. He was a great candidate for some rehab and a prosthetic leg.

Fast forward 6 weeks later and Luckie met the perfect family. They lavished him with love, exercise, and adventures. He had a human kid to cuddle with and a cat who allowed him to join the family. In May of 2018, he was the honored guest at SCGRR’s Wine & Wags fundraiser looking svelte, thin, happy and wearing a tie for the occasion. He stole the show with his radiant smile.

Tragically in June 2018, he became very ill.

From the Koop family…

After the additional tests, reviewing the prior blood work etc. , the vet determined Luckie did not have an infection. He was diagnosed with aggressive cancer that had spread quickly. There was no good path to recovery or a comfortable life. Given he was in obvious pain and was unable to walk, the difficult decision had to be made. Luckie was a wonderful addition to our family for the short time we had him. We were glad that one if his last “good days” was able to be shared with all of his supporters at the wine event.

Thanks to SCGRR and Dr. Chad at Prosthetic and Orthotic Group OC for providing him with the prosthetic. This allowed him a better quality of life and he was a regular around our neighborhood bringing smiles to the faces of everyone he encountered. We will miss his goofy tendency to greet us at the door with a shoe from our closet and other unexpected personality treats but are sure he is in a better place.


The Koop Family

Luckie embodied the true Golden spirit. He loved life and everyone he met. He lived in the moment, trusted unconditionally and just wanted to be adored. He stole the hearts of everyone he met – his physical therapist, his vets, his prosthetic doc, his foster family, every volunteer he met at SCGRR and his adopters. And he never let his disability get him down.

We will see you at the bridge one day Luckie!