Lucy *Always in our hearts

May 2017

Lucy came into our lives, maybe 3 or so years ago. I’m no good with measuring time so that’s just a guess. We were friends with some of the folks at The Golden Retriever Rescue Society, and had also adopted our previous Golden, Ellie from them. We started out as fosters. Lucy was an older dog and was having trouble getting adopted because of that. We decided we might as well take care of her if no one else would. She was around 9 or so at the time, and had been dropped off at a shelter by the original family who owned her, as they were moving to China. That’s all we knew, draw your own conclusions. How someone could abandon a member of the family like that is beyond me, but that’s another story.
She had issues when we got her, but with many vet visits we got her into pretty good shape and she blended in with our mixed family. As most goldens do, she had a pleasant disposition and just seemed happy to have someone around to keep her company. One of our prerequisites when bringing in any dog is, must like cats! And Lucy was great in that area. In fact Lucy genuinely seemed to like and respect everybody she ever came in contact with. Her and our 2 cats have become quite close over the years, especially Ziggy and I know they’ll miss her and wonder where she went.
She liked the usual things, a good ride in the car, playing with her toys, hanging out with her people. But her favorite thing was a good house party. especially around a holiday which entailed massive amounts of food (they all do!) She would stick by that kitchen with a purpose! She was truly food motivated and we didn’t deny her in joining in! She was my sidekick and would hang out in the garage or outside with me whatever I was doing. Always just a mellow presence to have around. She loved being part of the group and liked it when we’d have a band in or if I’d just play some guitar for her. Always a perfect guest, never criticized my art or music!
But as I said she had health issues all along and underwent fairly major surgery sometime back to remove a large tumor they were sure was cancer. Turned out not to be, and she dodged another bullet there. There was some quality time after that, but hip issues became more and more of an issue. She was on pretty heavy duty pain killers which I guess helped. We kind of knew she was coming to the end of the road though. She was having a harder time getting up and moving around, and finally stopped eating altogether, which is something we’d never seen. She was also obviously in a lot of pain but refused any kind of medication. Breaks our heart, but we had to have our vets come in and ease her pain.
So, to our sweet gentle soul of a dog, Lucy, we say rest in peace, and join our other passed pets across the Rainbow Bridge. We love you and will miss you baby.