This happy little guy hails from the shelter in Coachella. Picked up as a stray, he had an injury to his paw which is looking healed but is still not using it.

Fractures in the front leg are healing very well. Since he is only 6 – 8 months old , the growth plate was likely injured. His right leg is a bit shorter than the left. 

There is a neurological component as well, Brachial plexis avulsion. Luigi cannot feel anything from the wrist down. Possibly due to an over extension of the limb which stretched,  or he tore something under his elbow that affects the nerves lower in the leg.

We have not seen any improvement in the typical recovery timeline that would indicate nerve regeneration which is not good news. We have splinted and bandaged his limb to give this more time as the next step would be amputation.

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