Magnolia Jean

Alumni Magnolia Jean (Maggie) crossed the rainbow bridge. We received this note from her family:

It’s with a very heavy heart that I am writing to let you know that Magnolia Jean passed away today. We adopted her through SCGRR about 4 years ago. She was a beautiful English Cream and we loved every minute with her. Last night she started showing some signs of distress. She refused food and seemed uncomfortable. This morning she still wouldn’t eat or go for her walk and we knew something was wrong. We took her to the vet, Murrieta Family Pet Hospital, and the dr there looked at her gums and her distended abdomen and told us that he feared she had a problem with her spleen or liver, and the only way to know was to do a splenectomy. Upon opening her up, he saw numerous nodules on her liver and lots of internal bleeding and determined that she had an aggressive cancer. There was nothing that could be done for her. Maggie was the joy of our lives for the short time we had her. Sharon helped us in our adoption of Maggie, and we even fostered a couple of dogs, although Maggie didn’t like having other dogs around so we stopped fostering. We are sure that letting Maggie go was the best decision for her, although we are heartbroken without her. She was a good girl right up to the end and we’re so sorry that cancer took her from us. Here’s a picture of her, isn’t she beautiful. I just wanted to let you folks at SCGRR know that Magnolia Jean crossed the rainbow bridge, and we miss her so much. Thank you for all you do for goldens, and for bringing Maggie to us.