Maizy • Always in our hearts

About Maizy

I write with devastating news – our sweet Maizy passed away completely unexpectedly this morning. She has been a family member – our 3 girls just adore her – she is the best family dog we could have imagined. She has been completely healthy and acted normal this morning. But some time between 9-1030am, she passed away peacefully. We found her on her doggy bed next to our bed. I wanted to share our loss but also thank you for providing us with this magnificent animal – amazing that anyone would have abandoned her. We are so very grateful to have had her in our lives. I love how our 3 young girls have learned to love and care for these sweet creatures – thank you for that. But we are devastated.

When we are ready, we would love to add another golden from you group – we had such a positive experience with sweet Maizy – we can’t replace her but will so miss having a fur baby as a part of our family. Hoping you can match us up with another magnificent golden.

Take care,
Autumn, Eric, Aly, Sienna & Geneva