Mansfields Buddy • Always in our hearts

On 5/19/13, I lost my beautiful Buddy boy. I was blessed every single day to have him in my life and for the past year we had great adventures together. He met and touched so many hearts and I am so glad that he was able to touch so many souls.
He died peacefully in his sleep so for that I am grateful.
I want to thank so many people for loving my boy.
The entire SCGGRescue for their support, most especially the BOD who always made sure all his needs were met. The many people who supported him and traveled in his adventures.
My heart is shattered now but I know he would be the first to Woof! at me and tell me it will be ok.
Fly free my sweet boy, I will love you for the rest of my life.

Carrie Madrid
Have a Golden Day!


Buddy had been a part of the SCGRR Permanent Foster family for a year. He turned 15 years old the beginning of 2013and continued to live each day to the fullest. For those that had not met or heard of Buddy he was an Owner Turn In (more like dumped) at a shelter in May 2012. 14 1/2 years old and a tripawed he was non adoptable in the shelters eyes and would have been put down if SCGRR had not heard about him and rescued him. Because a video of him being dumped went viral on Facebook we had tons of people wanting to help him. We purchased a wheelchair for him and off he went. Buddy went out to the events to meet and greet people, was Mr May in our 2013 calendar and had his own trading card to go along with his Facebook page. He had a beach wagon and went to Surf Dog events to cheer on his surf dog friends, participated in Canine Cancer Walks and belonged to the community.

Due to the many years of stress on his 3 remaining legs (and certainly some neglect on former owners part) he had some extensive nerve damage in one of his back legs, making it difficult to get up and around. As with most old folks, aches and pains were a normal part of his life but did not diminish his love for life or putting smiles on people’s faces. Additionally he had chronic ear infections due to the neglect prior to being rescued. He had k-laser therapy and pool therapy which helped him immensely. He didn’t have a handicap in the water and there was no stress on his limbs, plus he got a massage!

He was fostered by a family who was totally dedicated to him and made sure he stayed active and happy. Being a permanent foster means that SCGRR made the commitment to take care of Buddy’s needs whatever they were. Because of the generous donations made by our wonderful supporters Buddy was able to live out his life with dignity.