Final Update: November 18, 2019

Max has taken progressively longer walks with no indication of discomfort and is ready for adoption! He will make his debut at The Doggie Street Festival in San Diego this Saturday, 11/23. Stop by and say “Hi!”

Martin’s Journey

(Max) Martin came into rescue in September.  The young man who surrendered him had rescued him from an abusive situation in hopes to find a better home for him, then posted on a neighborhood site listing him as a free dog, “in the front yard if anyone wanted to come by and get him.” Well, we did.  Max is a senior golden; he was just shaved to remove the golden dreadlocks that covered his entire body. 

Eight year-old Max loves playing with other dogs, acting a fraction of his age. It was after these play sessions that he would favor his right foot, sometimes non-weight bearing, sometimes with a limp. It didn’t slow him a bit during playtime though!

X-rays revealed that Max has a fracture in the 3rd metacarpal bone of his right foot.  He has gone through a few casts, always managing to get them off. Now he is on crate rest with only a walk to the yard for his potty breaks.  Since he is an older gent and we have no way of keeping any protection on this foot, Max has gone through a series of cold laser therapy treatments which have been known to accelerate the healing process.

Max goes back to the vet on 11/4 for another x-ray. Hopefully he will receive the green light for short walks. He is chomping at the bit to go, go, go!


October 30, 2019:  (Max) Martin has completed a series of cold laser therapy, three times a week for four weeks. During this time, his foster dad has had to keep him quite and calm which is no small feat.

Max’s latest x-ray indicates that the fracture is almost completely healed.  He has been given the green light for short, controlled leash walks…no running or horse play for another month, at which time we will take another x-ray to make sure all is healed and he will be ready for adoption.

If you would like to sponsor Max’s rehabilitation treatments, please select the DONATE NOW button on this page. Max thanks you so much for any support you can provide!