Massey and Ariela – Adopted!

Say hi to Massey, nee Casey, and Ariela , nee Ariel, a young bonded pair relinquished to us when their family lost their home. They are both very dependent on each other, particularly Ariel, and they will only be adopted together.

 Both have not spent very much time outside of their own home and yard- to be more specific, mostly yard. Neither are alpha dogs on the contrary, they are both quite submissive and timid when they first find themselves in a new situation or meeting new people.

Casey is the braver of the two-he will cautiously, but readily, come to any person willing to give him any attention. He is a golden who thinks he is a lap dog (actually, don’t they all?), and he will try his best to get as close to you as possible, soaking in the attention and as many cuddles as you are willing to give him-he is as velcro as they come.

Ariel is the scaredy cat of the two. It was quite apparent that she has not had much in the way of socialization at all-she had no idea how to walk on a leash, or even any desire to leave the home, terrified of anyone and everything that would cross her path-noises, other dogs, kids, people-absolutely everything. Now, in her quiet foster home, and with her brother Casey by her side, she is beginning to more easily be willing to venture into a prior scary situation, and starting to come around and show her true personality.

Both of these dogs have the sweetest, most gentle temperaments you could want in a dog. Despite their young age, they are not all crazy young dog energy, although they both can have their moments. They are house trained and have shown no destructive tendencies at all in their foster home, while never having been created. Casey loves to go on long walks-Ariel is getting used to them. They both love to play and wrestle, like tennis balls, and always sleep on top of, or close to each other.

As mentioned above, Casey is the (much) braver of the two, and while he loves his sister Ariel very much, he would likely be okay with any other friendly canine as a buddy. Ariel, on the other hand, is a completely different story, and she is miserable when he is not around. He is, in effect, her entire world, and her personality and demeanor change when he is not with her. She needs the familiarity and security he provides her with at all the time, and she would decidedly NOT be okay without him. And, to be honest, his preference would likely be to stay with her, if offered the choice. As mentioned above, under no circumstances will they be separated-they can only be adopted together.

We feel this pair, at this point, might do best in a quieter home with older kids, although we would not necessarily not consider those with younger children, depending on the circumstances.

Someone does not need to be around 24/7 with these two-while we would not want them left alone for extended periods of time, i.e. as in their old living situation, as long as they are together, they are happy and feel secure.